Chapter 2. Structural Patterns: Decorator, Proxy, and Bridge Decorator Pattern Proxy Pattern Bridge Pattern

Chapter 3. Structural Patterns: Composite and Flyweight Composite Pattern Flyweight Pattern

Chapter 4. Structural Patterns: Adapter and Façade Adapter Pattern Façade Pattern

Chapter 5. Creational Patterns: Prototype, Factory Method, and Singleton Prototype Pattern Factory Method Pattern Singleton Pattern

Chapter 6. Creational Patterns: Abstract Factory and Builder Abstract Factory Pattern Builder Pattern

Chapter 7. Behavioral Patterns: Strategy, State, and Template Method Strategy Pattern State Pattern Template Method Pattern

Chapter 8. Behavioral Patterns: Chain of Responsibility and Command Command Pattern Chain of Responsibility Pattern

Chapter 9. Behavioral Patterns: Iterator, Mediator, and Observer Iterator Pattern Mediator Pattern Observer Pattern

Chapter 10. Behavioral Patterns: Visitor, Interpreter, and Memento Visitor Pattern Interpreter Pattern Memento Pattern