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Here are some of the good reviews. There are of course people who did not click with the book - their reviews are available publicly elsewhere. JB

If you already understand the C# programming language and have some introduction to Patterns under your belt, this book will be very exciting to you as it  opens up the field to completely new possibilities. ...." Peter Bromberg 25 Jan 2008 read more

5 starsI have been trying for some time to get my head around design patterns and searching for good C# implementations. Now my search is over ... Alan Sheat 23 Jan 2008 read more

5 starsJudith has finally done the fantastic job for .NET developer communities ... There are plenty good books in the market for Design Pattern for .NET implementation. However, they are mostly of syntactical polymorphisms without leveraging the actual technologies or platform such as .NET or C#. They are either inherently or smartly transcended implementation of Java or C++ lingo.  Priyo, 11 February 2008, read mor

5 startsThis is a good rehash of the Gang of Four patterns, reworked in C# 3.0. The articles are nicely done, there are a good set of exercises about each pattern, and there are some good comparisons between similar patterns. James Holmes, 7 Feb 2008, read more

5 starsI found this book to be a very good treatment of the GOF patterns. The content is well organized and has a very clean feel to it. I think the author does a great job at communicating the intention of the patterns. She makes good use of graphics and UML diagrams.  T Anderson, 13 February 2008 read more

5 startsIf you want to become a better programmer and add skills to your repertoire, this is a great resource to have by your side. If these classic patterns are followed and used correctly you will produce more efficient, cleaner, BETTER code, I guarantee it!! Daniel McKinnon, 31 March 2008 read more

4 starsIn a nutshell: If you think the 23 classic "Gang of Four ("GOF") design patterns have value to you as a programmer, and you want to move your programming expertise into the future, then this book is for you. "Dotnetsky" 1 February 2008 read more

4 starsI like the book, I feel the layout and presentation of each pattern is well done, concise, yet you can grasp the main point of each pattern. Each pattern is explained, implemented, further examples are given, uses are explained and then each pattern is wrapped up with a series of exercises. ... The exercises are varied, some are excellent and they really force you think about what the pattern is about and sink your teeth into the details. Shafik Yaghmour 31 March 2008 read more